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About Me

The best feature of my body is my brain. In it is a unique combination of personality aspects that many find to be irresistible.


I am first and foremost an academic. This was my entire identity throughout the majority of my life, and therefore it will always remain the biggest part of me. My passion and purpose in life is science.


I treat everyone I meet with kindness, respect, and an open mind. We are all just humans, with our own reality and our own path. Everyone deserves to be treated well.


I want to change the world, and I believe that I have the ability to do so. I am humbled and excited by the fact that there is still a large abyss out there left for me to learn and grow into.


I don't put on acts for people. I am true to myself. Because of this I feel good about everything I do. My life journey has been full of strange side-trails, but I am proud of all of them.



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Elite Companion


Standard Visit
1 hour $600
1.5 hours $900
2 hours


3 hours $1600
Longer Visit (weekends only)
Half day (6 hours) $2400
Full day (12 hours) $4000
Evening and sleepover (12 hours) $3000
Half day and sleepover (16 hours) $4000
Full day and sleepover (24 hours) $5000
Entire weekend (48 hours) $8000

Outcall Travel Fee


I am so grateful for what my friends give me, financially and beyond. This generosity is very much appreciated.

Tours to the Islands are +300 


Before our date

To confirm we are still good to go,  please contact me the day before and a couple of hours before our date.

If either of us need to cancel, I hold us both to the same standard: the one doing the cancelling should try to give as much advanced notice as possible and the one being cancelled on should try to be cool and understanding about it.

Beginning of our date

If we both feel good about each other upon our initial greeting, leave your payment out in clear view at the very beginning of our date. Then excuse yourself to the bathroom.

If it doesn't feel quite right when we meet each other, I reserve the right to ask you to leave (I will return your payment).

End of our date

Please be respectful of my time.  You should be aware of when our date is coming to an end. Do not make me have to tell you. It is your responsibility to initiate concluding remarks.

After our date

Discretion for both of us is extremely important. It's also good to remember that we both have very busy lives outside of the hobby. Because of this, all of our interactions should be limited to only our dates together. Contact outside of dates should be for logistical purposes only.

Elite Companion

Book Now


Screening Form

Given after Verification


Part-Time Assistant (Kimberly):

If you think we'd have a fun time together, I'd be happy to meet you! :)

My preferred time to meet in Mon-Thurs 8pm-midnight incall when possible.

New Friends:

  1. Read the "Rates" and "Etiquette" sections of my website.
  2. Fill out a Screening Form to request time together.
  3. My assistant will verify you and set a time.  She will share my phone # with you.
  4. Text me to let me know that you are confirming the date.
  5. I'll text you back to confirm as well.

Existing Friends:

For second dates, you can just text me directly without a prior form. Please offer multiple times that could work for you.



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